Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Free Workshop Tomorrow - Writing From The Male POV

Writing From the Male Point of View Presented by Sascha Illyvich Wednesday, December 5, 2007 On the EroticRomanceWorkshop Learn the ins and outs of character creation from a side of romance we rarely hear from, the male romance reader/writer! Paranormal Romance author Sascha Illyvich shares with us tips on how to create more memorable characters, avoid some common pitfalls and have more fun with our writing! What you'll learn from this class:

  • Male Archetypes and how they affect our characters
  • How (il)logical men think and why they act the way they do
  • How to take any male character from any movie/story and modify him to fit your story
  • How to get your man to express his true "self"
  • The Male Cycle of Emotions and how it compares to the female cycle of emotions
  • A man's journey in life
Bio: Sascha Illyvich writes paranormal erotic romances, erotica in many genres and an occasional contemporary erotic romance. Sascha first started writing seven years ago, first releasing poetry and an occasional short erotica story. Taking the advice of Mistress Koi of http://very-koi.net, Sascha joined the Erotica Readers and Writers association. Submitting stories for critique, Sascha gained valuable feedback and sold numerous pieces to various websites Adult Story Corner, Peacock Blue and Cyber-Mistress. Sascha's first full length paranormal romance "ENDANGERED: Nights of Lust book 1" was released through Venus Press in January of 2005. The follow up story "Separated Self" was released a year later alongside the re release of "A Christmas Favor" through Silk's Vault. Several short erotic stories were released in 2005. Click here to join EroticRomanceWorkshop - it's FREE!


Devon Matthews said...

Hi Carol! One of the best things I've heard on writing the male point of view was a tape by Harold Lowry (aka Leigh Greenwood) from the RWA national conference a few years ago. He was hilarious talking about the way men are -- most of it was stuff we women already know, but it was funny to hear a man say it.

Sascha Illyvich - The Dark Wolf Prince said...

haha just an FYI, I'm still teaching this course often!

Sascha Illyvich

Carol Burge said...

That's good to know, Sascha! Let us (me) know when/where the next time you present this workshop. It's a great course!