Sunday, November 2, 2008

2 Day Love Scene Workshop

*Permission to Forward* Kathryne Kennedy will be joining the Cata-Network Writer loop for 2 days this week to give a talk and answer questions about love scenes. As Kathryne says, let your characters write your sex scenes for you. She'll start with some ideas about how the uniqueness of your book and characters means that your sex scenes can be just as unique. She'll give some examples from her own books. Then she'll ask for writers to tell her about their characters, and then we can discuss the ways that their characters will approach the physical part of their romance. How to incorporate their surroundings into the sensuality of their encounter. How the goals, motivation, and character's secrets will factor into their love scenes. We want this to be an interactive talk, and it will be more helpful for you to use your own characters. So bring a character sheet and an out line of your book so that you can follow along, make notes, and chime in. Be sure to visit Kathryne's website: and stop by the bookstore for copies of her latest releases: DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT and ENCHANTING THE LADY Click here to join the Cata-Network Writers Yahoogroup Cata-Network Writers Yahoogroup Description This is a discussion loop for romance writers. Single titles, ebook, category romance writers, short stories, screenplay writers. Everyone is welcome. We're here as a support group and our focus is on learning the craft of writing. Visit our website and request a link to your blog or website. Submit an article or a link to a great writing resource. We look forward to meeting you! Happy Writing! Visit us online:

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