Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lyrical Press Accepting Submissions for New Imprints

My publisher, Lyrical Press, Inc., is now accepting submissions for three new imprints: Allure, Elements and Vintage. Imprinted title payouts: $100 advance (50% upon receipt of signed contract, 50% upon remittance of approved final) + 40% of earned digital royalties. We will not review queries, partials or proposals. Only completed manuscripts will be considered. Required length for all three imprints is 60-80k ONLY. We will not consider works of less than 60k, or longer than 80k for elite imprints. (full submission details to follow imprint guidelines) Titles that do not fit specific imprint guidelines might still be considered for non-imprinted contract/release, but will not be eligible for advance. Questions regarding guidelines or other specifics should be directed to submissions@lyricalpress.com. Specific Imprint Guidelines:

Lyrical Allure

  • Acquiring editor: Emma Wayne Porter
  • Genre: erotic contemporary romance
  • Length: 60-80k
  • Key Characteristic: willful hero, capable heroine
  • Key Characteristic: sexual tension and romantic conflict
  • Requirement: HEA
  • Sensuality Level: extremely hot

Editor's notes: Know your tropes. This line is focused on the buildup and resolution of sexual tension and romantic conflict. The thrill of anticipation is as key as the erotic payoff.We want willful heroes, and capable heroines. We do not want "perfect" or cardboard characters, nor do we want helpless, shrinking-violet heroines. We want compelling, fully developed contemporary characters with GMC and sizzling conflict brought to fulfilling resolution.

Lyrical Elements

  • Acquiring editor(s): Renee Rocco a/o Emma Wayne Porter
  • Genre: paranormal romance
  • Length: 60-80k
  • Key Characteristic: gripping and dangerous paranormal conflict
  • Key Characteristic: romantic conflict
  • Sensuality Level: any
  • Requirement: HEA

Editor's notes: The paranormal conflict should be on an equal footing with the romantic conflict - there must be an imminent threat to the hero, heroine or both. We want to worry the will get them before the boy can get the girl. Know your lore. Know your characters. Make us believe the lore, make us care about the characters, and scare the crap out of us at will.

Lyrical Vintage

  • Acquiring editor: Renee Rocco
  • Genre: historical romance
  • Length: 60-80k
  • Key Characteristic: immersive historic setting
  • Key Characteristic: romantic conflict
  • Sensuality Level: any
  • Requirement: HEA

Editor's notes: For now, Old West/Western is lumped in with all other historic eras. We want fully immersive, rich settings positively rotten with conflict of the times. No contemporaries in historic disguises - we want driven characters caught in authentic, seemingly insurmountable conflict, and we want our heart-wrenching HEA fulfillment.

For full submission procedures and guidelines please visit http://www.lyricalpress.com/imprint_submissions

Want a Chance to Win a Prize Package?

My friend Maria Zannini is having a fun contest/challenge and she's offering up a great prize package for the winner. Info is below. From now until May 28, 2009 at 12 Noon (cst) you earn a point every time you post the words below and my website link on any blog, forum, or social networking group. Google Alerts will tell me every time these words are used, but if you want to make sure you get credit, email me at: countdown DOT apocalypse AT gmail DOT com and send me the direct link on where you posted it.
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Write a review for Touch Of Fire on Amazon or any other review forum, and earn 5 extra points. Post the phrase and link on Twitter and earn 3 extra points. The person with the most points by noon, May 28, 2009 will receive a prize package worth $100. The prize package includes a signed copy of Touch Of Fire, a $50 gift certificate from Amazon.com, and assorted trinkets and VERY COOL goodies totaling $35. Maria's blog Maria's Webiste Good luck!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NABBW Your Age of Elegance Writing Contest

The National Association of Baby Boomer Women, is proud and excited to sponsor the... Entering YOUR Age of Elegance - Writing Contest Ah, Baby Boomers. Look who's entering the Age of Elegance... According to author Chloe Jon Paul who wrote, Entering the Age of Elegance - A Rite of Passage & Practical Guide for the Modern Maturing Woman, this second adulthood reaches us around age forty and if this "rite of passage" isn't done with style and grace, we can become disoriented and lose our way. We want to know what the Age of Elegance means to you. Fulfillment? Exploration? Discovery? Tell us! To enter this contest, simply follow these short and simple guidelines before submitting your story. CONTEST GUIDELINES: Using 500 words or less, and using these helpful questions below, tell us;
  • What does the "age of elegance" mean to you?
  • Have you embraced this time in your life? If so, how?
  • Have you used this journey to define yourself as a new woman?
Please submit your entry in a WORD document AS AN ATTACHMENT. Include your name, email address, and short bio (no more than 75 words) INSIDE the WORD document NOT IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL.
  • SUBMIT to - contest@nabbw.com with Age of Elegance in the subject line.
  • DEADLINE - May 31, 2009PRIZE
  • MONEY - 100.00 and F-R-E-E membership or renewal in the NABBW. Plus your story will be published in the Our Voices section at http://www.boomerwomenspeak.com/. Also . . . TWO LUCKY RUNNER-UPS will receive a framed copy of The Litany of Elegance plus easels, compliments of author Chloe Jon Paul!
Visit the NABBW Website NABBW on Facebook

Friday, April 10, 2009

FREE Online Conference - Promo Day!

Online Conference to Help Authors with Publishing Industry’s New Promote-Yourself Mindset World Wide Web--As the recession deepens for the publishing industry and more and more writers must--absolutely must--promote their own books or see them languish, a free online conference featuring industry experts is here to help! PROMO DAY returns for its second year Saturday, May 9, featuring notable publishing industry experts like Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of the multi award-winning HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers including The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won't and The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward To Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success. She is also the author of other author aids like her Amazon short, “The Great First Impression Book Proposal.” Howard-Johnson has appeared on more than 300 TV and radio shows. She is an instructor for UCLA Extension's renowned Writers' Program and award-winning author of fiction and poetry. The conference also features Lael Johnson, Karina Fabian, John Desjarlais - Elysabeth Eldering, Joyce Anthony, Ron Berry, Devon Ellington, Carol Denbo and Lea Schizas. The day, coordinated by Jo Linsell, is an all day online international event packed full of tips and advice. In includes a variety of opportunities for writers, publishers, editors and other book publishing professionals to promote their work and services. Readers are also welcome to drop in and get to know the presenters and attendees better in the online chatroom, view the video trailers, or read the sample chapters on site. Founder and Organizer of the event, Jo Linsdell, says “Promo Day came about because I was looking for opportunities to promote my books using the internet at little or no cost. After attending the Muse Online Writers Conference back in 2006, I searched the internet for similar events aimed at what to do after you’ve written the book and found none. I decided to fill the void.” New features for this year is the official blog for the event, http://promoday.blogspot.com/, where everyone can keep up to date with new announcements and information regarding the event and the official Promo Day book, packed full of information and resources, which will be available to buy during and after the event. To attend go to http://jolinsdell.tripod.com/promoday Learn more about Howard-Johnson at http://www.howtodoitfrugally.com/ Promo Day Blog - http://promoday.blogspot.com/

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Writer's Journal Contest(s)

*Romance Category* Prizes: First: $250.00, Second: $100.00, Third: $50.00, Plus Honorable Mentions First, Second, Third, and selected Honorable Mention winning stories will be published in future issues of the WRITERS' Journal. For Contest Winners, please click here. Guidelines For printable version, click here Annual Postmark Deadline: July 30 Reading Fee: $7.00/entry U.S. funds only Send Entries to: (Multiple entries from one party may be mailed in one envelope.) "Romance Contest" Val-Tech Media P.O. Box 394 Perham, MN 56573 Please make checks or money orders payable to: WRITERS' Journal Submissions must be postmarked by the deadline date. (July 30) Manuscripts will not be returned Rules: Length must not exceed 2,000 words. Manuscripts must be typed, double-spaced on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Only one copy of each entry required: ~ Writer's name must not appear on submission. Each submission must include: ~ A separate cover page with the name of contest, title of manuscript, writer's name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address if available. ~A title page with the manuscript title only. ~On the manuscript itself, each page headed with a title key word and page number. ~Nowhere on the manuscript should the author's name appear. No staples please. Photocopies accepted - manuscripts will not be returned. For those without Web access, a winner's list can be obtained by sending a #10 SASE. Only original, previously unpublished stories accepted. Copyrights to manuscripts remain with author. WRITERS' Journal requires only one-time rights to winning entries. Reading fee must be included. Writer's Journal Website *NOTE: Check out the website, there are other categories available to enter. Not to mention the great articles and monthly Writer's Book Giveaway.