Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coyote Con FREE Writer's Conference 5/1-5/31

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Those of us who read and write speculative fiction have a passion for seeing beyond the every day or around the corner. We dream of alien worlds, peoples, sciences, magic, and miracles. We imagine ghosts, monsters, and consummate lovers. We’re geeks, outsiders—strangers in a strange land. We have fun playing with possibilities. We are the home of mythic fiction in all its forms.

Coyote Con is a 31 day digital author conference. Our topics are geared toward the author, but if you have an interest—whether you write or not—you are welcome to attend. There is no cost to attend, but registration is required as space is limited.

You must register for the conference to attend any session. You must also obtain a ticket for each Special Session you wish to attend. General sessions do not require a ticket. Look at the schedule, here, to choose your sessions.

Go here to learn more and register.

Happy Conferencing!

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Coyote Con Courses

Monday, April 19, 2010

Harlequin Historicals Editor Pitch!

(Snipped from the eHarlequin Write Stuff forum board)

"We're at it again! And this time, we've got another of your favorite lines for you to send your roguish rakes, rugged cowboys, impetuous heiresses and spirited frontierswomen too! Harlequin Historical is looking for YOUR manuscript and Assistant Editor, Sally Williamson will be on hand to take your pitch!
To enter, send a two-paragraph blurb of your manuscript to Hosty Rae by June 3rd  
Five entries will be chosen by Sally Williamson and those will be announced no later than June 7th
Pitches will happen June 15th, at 11 am edt. But read the rules below to ensure your entry can be accepted.
•NO currently published works to include self-publishing. Original, non-published works ONLY please!
• You MUST be able to enter and post inside the eHarlequin.com chat room. If you are unable to use the chat room and your submission is chosen, we will be unable to offer you another venue option and it will be unfair to an entrant who is able.
• You MUST have a completed manuscript that is targeted to Harlequin Historical. Editors have the option to request partials or fulls.
• You MUST be available at the given chat time. As stated above, we will be unable to offer another venue or time option.
• Please include your member name, your full name along with your submission."

  For more information, visit: http://community.eharlequin.com/forums/write-stuff/editor-pitch-harlequin-historical

Friday, April 2, 2010

TWRP - New Series Call For Submissions

The following is a new series TWRP is kicking off for LROS (Last Rose Of Summer) line. There is a yahoo loop devoted to the details. If interested, please follow the appropriate submission guidelines or ask questions through the same to queryus@thewildrosepress.com. Please feel free to spread this to your writing loops, etc.

Did you ever wonder what happened to . . .

The Prom Queen? The guy most likely to serve time in a federal prison? The couple voted most likely to succeed?

If intrigued with the opportunity to rewrite a bit of history . . . or exact a little revenge. . . .

The Last Rose of Summer invites you to a reunion of The Class of '85

Dear fellow alumna,

Hard to believe it's been 25 years since we last walked the halls of Summerville High. Wouldn't you like to know what's going on with former classmates?

The Reunion Committee has worked hard to plan a fabulous, fun-filled three day celebration on the last weekend in June at the historic Summerville Inn.

Come for one day or all three—but register early for the SHS package discount. Bring your spouse or come stag. You won't believe the surprises waiting for you!

RSVP to KathyCottrell@thewildrosepress.com

Details which must be included in every submission:
  • Summerville is a medium size city on the shores of Lake Ontario in Western New York State.
  • Some students may still live in Summerville, others might be returning for the first time since graduation. They might make it back for the celebration; they might not.
  • The above invitation will kick off the story but it is the concept of "whatever happened to . . ." which is the key element.
  • The reunion might be one feature of the story, only a side-note as in a 'regrets-only' RSVP phone call. The common thread among all Class of '85 stories will be the invitation above. It is up to the author to take it from there.
  • The Hero or Heroine [or both] must be a member of the Class of '85.
* Story length: 7,500—40,000 computer word count
* Sensuality level: sweet to sensual [no erotica]
* As always, it MUST be a romance with protagonists who have realistic goals, motivation and conflict—along with a HEA ending.

Submit to: queryus@thewildrosepress.com with "Class of '85" in the subject line.

The Wild Rose Press
LROS New Series Submission Guidelines

Several of TWRP lines have a call out for submissions for a specific series such as Scarlet Rose with Cowboy Kink, and Crimson Rose with Jewel of the Night.  Cactus Rose has EarthSongs and Sweetheart Rose has the Flower Basket.  Please review the individual guidelines on each of the pages on TWRP website for more information.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Writer's Village University's FREE 7-Week Creative Writing Course

Writer's Village University is once again offering their Free F2K Creative Writing Course.  Class begins April 7, 2010 and runs for 7-weeks.  Registration closes April 5th, so hurry and sign up!

I took this class years ago, when I was just learning to write and loved it. I also purchased a paid membership (and loved that, too). It's an awesome place to learn the craft of writing, or to brush up on your skills. These days they offer tons more courses to choose from than they did back when I was a member. It's well worth spending the $69 for a year membership  (or $14 monthly).

To learn more (and check out the AWESOME course they offer), visit the Writer's Village University home page. To register for the Free F2K Creative Writing Course, go to: http://writersvillage.com/amember/signup.php .

Happy Writing!