Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lyrical Press Call For Submissions: Steampunk

Call For Submissions: Steampunk Lyrical Press welcomes authors to submit their brilliant blending of 19th Century steam power with science-fiction/fantasy. In a word – Steampunk. What’s Steampunk? You know that movie/comic book series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? That’s Steampunk. It’s the perfect marriage of an era when steam power was in use and science-fiction/fantasy elements. It’s goggles, gears and corsets. It’s fun, adventure and excitement. Lyrical Press is accepting all forms of Steampunk, with a focus on romance and erotica. If you’re manically mad about mechanical masterpieces set during the Victorian age we’d love to hear from you. Sensuality level: All – with a focus on romance/erotica Length: 30,000 – 80,000 words Key Characteristic: 19th Century steam power blended with elements of science-fiction/fantasy Deadline: None Please follow Lyrical Press’ guidelines found here:; when submitting. Send submissions to submissions @ lyricalpress (dot) com. Lyrical Press, Inc. is a New York based small press owned by the husband and wife team of Frank and Renee Rocco. Our goal is to provide authors with a reliable and pleasant home for their books and offer readers an eclectic mix of quality titles. LPI publishes in both electronic format and Print On Demand for select titles over 70,000 words. Lyrical Press Lyrical Press Blog Lyrical Press on Facebook

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