Friday, October 9, 2009

Comment SPAMer's - Grrrrr!

It seems I've been spammed on several posts in the comments section(s) here on my blog, therefore, I've been forced to change my comment settings to moderation. It's a darn shame people do this, but I guess it comes with the cyber-territory.

This particular idiot SPAMer happens to have a "Website Design" site and a Blogger account, but their blog is set to private so I couldn't find out any information on them. Ironic, isn't it? :) But, I went to their so called design site and found their contact information and sent an email instructing them to STOP SPAMMING MY BLOG! We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I went through the spam comments (I know which ones they are because I have my account set to send me an email every time someone comments), and I manually deleted the idiot's SPAMer's posts. What a bunch of aggravation. Grrrrr!

Since they have a Blogger account, I'll notify the Power's That Be about the idiot SPAMer as well. I could alert the domain site their page is located through, too.  I believe that's just about all I can do.

Below is a link to a brief and awesome blog post on the blog Lorelle on Wordpress  entittled What is Comment Spam? The post explains what Comment Spam is, and the different types.

According to the post, there are Pittiful Time Wasters, Link Needers, Comment Spam Robots and Sneaky Comment Spammers. It seems my idiot SPAMer falls somewhere between  the category of a Sneaky Comment Spammer and a Link Needer.

*snipped from the post:

The sneaky comment spammers are the ones you really have to look for. They require more work to determine if they are legitimate. These are the nice comment spammers. They say things like:
    • “I really like your site, keep up the good work.”
    • “This is a beautiful site.”
    • “It looks like you worked hard to create this site. Good work.”
    • “I like what you have to say. I’m going to tell my friends.”
    • “This is really good information. I’m going to mark it as a favorite.”
    These are the kinds of spam comments are usually get here on the blog (and I immediately  delete).

    I will say, I don't get a lot of spam (knock on wood). Email or comment-wise, but when I do get them, I get angry!

    So, any suggestions? Anyone else getting spammed on their blog?

    What is Comment Spam?
    Wiki Article: Spam in Blogs
    Six Part Guide to Comment Spam


    Maria Zannini said...

    I still get them occasionally. But the comment moderation seems to help. I only moderate a day after the post goes live so I don't have to approve comments the first day.

    Most of the spammers don't hit my posts on the first day, so making them ask for approval helps.

    They're a nuisance. I hope they always have burrs in their underwear.

    Carol Burge said...

    Maria, LOL! I absolutely agree. They are a BIG nuisance (and I hope they always have burrs in their underwear, too).

    I guess we can't keep them out 100% of the time, but we can keep them out 99% (or at least we can try). :)