Sunday, January 30, 2011

DIGICON: A Free Online Conference From Savvy Authors

Beginning February 14, 2011, SavvyAuthors will host DigiCon: a free, online, week-long conference dedicated to helping authors refine their strategy to incorporate and capitalize on the aggressively emerging world of e-publishing. Join SavvyAuthors and more than 80 experts through panels, chats, Q&A's, workshops, webinars, and pitching opportunities as they discuss craft, marketing, and techniques to sell your book in this growth market.

* Join editors from Samhain, Sourcebooks, and many others to learn how they successfully navigated the digital domain.
* Join agents for a view of current issues and advice in ebook sales and author career management.
* Join successful eBook authors who are in the midst of the revolution and share their expertise.
* Share your best sites and online tools in our “Best of the Web” sessions

Check out the great events, chats, workshop, prizes, and pitch opportunities below.


* Workshops
* Chat sessions & webinars
* Pitch opportunities
* Contests
* Raffles for craft books, critiques from authors and editors, and more.


* Current market trends in digital publishing
* State of the art technology in digital publishing
* Online marketing opportunities and pitfalls
* Backlist management and self-publishing
* What the eRevolution means for aspiring authors
* Craft sessions about plot, character, world building and more
* Best practices for developing the perfect pitches, queries and synopses
* Self-publication strategies and successes
* Tips from an Author Success Coach
* Best of Web information and tools
* and many more.

WHEN: Feb 14, 2011 - Feb 20, 2011




Savvy Authors

Participating Publishers

* Lyrical Press
* Sourcebooks
* Samhain Publishing
* Dream Spinner Press
* Night Wolf Publications
* Carina Press
* Muse It Up Publishing
* Liquid Silver Press
* Ellora's Cave
* Draumr Publishing
* Whispers Publishing
* Noble Romance Publishing
* Loose ID
* LL Publications
* Gypsy Shadow Publishing
* Wicked Nights Publishing
* Bluewood Publishing
* Renaissance Ebooks /Sizzler Publications
* Champagne Press
* Changeling Press
* Breathless Press
* Blue Ridge Literary Agency, LLC
* Books for a Buck
* Etopia Press
* and more...

Participating Authors

* Deborah Holland
* Jodi Henley
* Margot Kinberg
* LD Madison
* Gretchen Craig
* Terry Odell
* Angie Fox
* Janie Franz
* Robin Matheson
* Sandy Lender
* Desiree Holt
* Kayelle Allen
* Lakisha Spletzer
* Beth Daniels
* Suzanne Johnson
* Deborah Magnus
* Amber Kallyn
* Marcy Weydemuller
* Nancy J. Cohen
* Dee Lloyd
* Martha Warner
* Su Halfwerk
* Lucinda Schroeder
* Eileen Cook
* Caroline Clemmons
* Paty Jager
* Jane Toombs
* Jamison Wolf
* Renee Wilde
* Christine Amsden
* Flo Fitzpatrick
* D.B. Reynolds
* Alice Osborne
* Monica Peters
* Laurie Sanders
* Alan Nayes
* Susan Hanniford Crowley
* Laura Bickles
* and more...


All events will be held on the Savvy Authors website. All events are free and open to Premium members as well as FREE Basic Members.


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