Sunday, March 16, 2014

This N' That

NHere's a few interesting links. Hope you find something you like!


  • Yoga For The Desk Bound Writer
Check this out! Designed with writers in mind, here's a nine minute yoga video you can do right at your desk and in your chair! Sounds like my kind of yoga! :)

Yoga for the Desk Bound Writer

  • How To Write A Category Romance...
I don't write category romance, but for those of you who do, author Susan Meier posted a writing lesson in her ezine and on her blog:


Check out this lesson and others on Susan's blog.

Susan Meiers

  • WordPress for Writers: Tips, Tricks, Plugins, and Hacks – Part 1
Need help setting up a WordPress blog? Check out this article (and other's) on the All Indie Writer's blog.

  • the character therapist
Have a question about your how your character should react to or in a certain situation or need answers about a character trait? Then visit Jeannie Campbell's the character therapist and check out her Dear Jeannie column, where does a Q&A on these kinds of things.

Jeannie is a Licensed Therapist, a freelance writer, author, editor, and book reviewer. Visit her blog to learn more (some good stuff there!). Also, sign up for her newsletter and receive a free copy of the Writer's Guide to Character Motivation.

Happy Writing!

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