Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lyrical Press Call For Submissions: Pendora's Box

This is the first of two Lyrical Romance Collections in development. We're also planning non- or lighter-romantic element collections, but for today, we're focusing on Pandora. Pandora’s Box Special Project Pandora’s box was said to have contained all the evils in the world, as well as the world’s greatest gift: hope. Lost to all but Greek legend, the box has now been found...and opened. It may be opened by a main character, or someone else may have simply opened it by mistake. Either way, evil personified has now manifested on Earth. Submission guidelines:
  • Submissions deadline: No deadline. This will be an ongoing, stand-alone title collection.
  • Word count: minimum of 30,000 words
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Plot: an evil or evils have escaped from Pandora’s Box and must be returned in some form or fashion. You may use any evil including sins, diseases, famous or infamous murderers, etc.
  • Conflict: Good vs evil, protagonist vs antagonist, but the main character(s) don't necessarily have to be the good guy(s)
  • Ending: must be HEA or HEA-for-now.
  • Sensuality Level: any (mainstream or erotica but erotica must focus on the plot)
  • Time Period: any
  • Prop that must be included: the box

These stories should have a sharp focus on the lore and legend of Pandora's Box, a well-rounded, well-developed cast, and a strong romantic element. Be sure you've edited to the best of your ability before submitting.

Please send submissions to submissions@lyricalpress.com. Include the words "Pandora" or "Pandora's Box" in the subject line. Permission to forward granted.

Questions may also be asked here on the blog, or sent to submissions@lyricalpress.com.

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