Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lyrical Press Grand Opening!

Tomorrow (Monday, May 5th) is the Lyrical Press, Inc Grand Opening. And to celebrate, we're having a week-long party! Woo-hoo! That's right! All week long chat with LP authors and staff, read experts, win prizes, books, gift certificates and more! Sound like fun? I thought so. :) To join the celebration, all you have to do is sign up for the Lyrical Press Yahoo group. That's it! In addition to the LP official launch party (05/05/08) Lyrical Press authors will be chatting at the Joyfully Reviewed yahoo group and, from 7:00 am until noon, we'll be at Alternative Read. Phew! That's a LOT of partying! Don't forget Lyrical Press is currently accepting submissions for all genres as well as for our new ghost story anthologies, TALES FROM THE SHADOWS. For more information visit the Lyrical Press website. While you're there, sign up for our monthly newsletter, THE LYRICAL PRESS. Find out what's new, read all about upcoming releases, and get to know our authors. And don't forget to check out Once Upon A Bookstore, our brand spanking new bookstore! Woo-hoo! May releases and $5 & $10 gift certificates are available for purchase (Note: June releases are up, but not available yet). Everyone at Lyrical is thrilled and excited about our launch party, as we've been patiently waiting for this day! We have lot's of fun things coming up, so come on over and join the fun - links are below! Lyrical Press Website Lyrical Press Blog Lyrical Press Yahoo Group Once Upon A Bookstore Joyfully Reviewed Alternative Read

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