Monday, August 4, 2008

Deep POV Workshop by Laurie Sanders At Coffee Time Romance Forum

Black Velvet Seductions founder, CEO, and Editor Lau-rie Sanders will present a workshop on deep point of view at the Coffee Time Romance Forum during the month of August 2008. Mark your calendars now for this event. Laurie will cover:
  • What fiction readers want
  • Connecting the dots – how does deep point of view give readers a satisfying experience? How is the reader‘s experience different with shallow point of view versus a deep point of view?
  • How to decide whose point of view to use for key scenes, and how to make the best use of that viewpoint.
  • Deciding when and where and how to change point of view. Is changing viewpoint in the middle of a scene always bad?
  • Author invisibility -- avoiding author point of view.
  • Choosing details that deepen point of view
  • Infusing dialogue with point of view.
  • Point of view and character motivation – your char-acter has done a bad, bad thing – how can you use point of view to make the reader still root for him or her?

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