Sunday, March 22, 2009

RJ First and Favorite Writing Contest 2009

*Permission to forward RJ First and Favorite Writing Contest 2009 FAQ 1. It's free. 2. Open to all published and unpublished authors. Only published authors from Tor cannot enter. 3. Each week we post a group of entries to be voted on by readers in our Romance Junkies Readers Loop 4. The top 18 finalists will be posted on the Romance Junkies Blog for a final round of voting by readers. 5. The top three entries will be read by Tor Editor Heather Osborne who will pick a Grand Prize Winner. And that Grand Prize Winner will win a netbook laptop. Contest Schedule April 2– July 15-- Take in Entries Week of June 1st –September– Post entries in Readers Loop Every week a group of entries are posted on the Romance Junkies Readers Loop to be voted on by readers - October 1st – November 4th– Top 18 entries posted on RJ Blog for final round of voting by Readers. Top Three go to Editor Heather Osborne of Tor So how do you enter? You scroll down and read all the Rules and stuff we put in to cover our butts. Then you polish up your entry, check out the info on how to enter below and send it in. ;-) Easy as pie. Contest Rules and Regulations Contest is free and open to all published and unpublished authors. Only published authors from Tor cannot enter. All work must be original, unpublished work. No previously 'published' works will be considered and this includes, e-publishing, etc. You can enter more than once. Romance Junkies is a PG-13 site and since the entries are going to be online to be judged by the readers they need to be PG13. Please submit nothing your boss would look over your shoulder and fire you for reading at work. If you have any questions please contact Kimberly at Your manuscript can be really steamy and more than PG13, but the part you send into us has to be PG13 so we can post it on the Readers Loop/RJ Blog for voting ;-) We want your first Chapter and something in the middle. First chapter can include Prologue and First chapter combined. As long as the both add up to no more than 5,000 words. And then we want a little something from the middle. Send us your favorite scene from the middle up to 2,500 words. Entrant fully understands that the judging is subjective. Entrant will accept and abide by the decision of the judges. Entrant will hold Romance Junkies, its members, officers and the judges of this contest harmless and hereby release them from any liability, which may arise from this contest. By submitting the entry, entrant specifically waives any right they may have to bring suit against Romance Junkies, its members, officers, representatives or judges. Participants understand there is no implication of a publishing contract with TOR Publishing and the Participants agree that by entering contest they will hold TOR Publishing harmless from any liability resulting from the contest How to Enter Please combine the first chapter and your favorite scene in one document with each area clearly labeled. Please include your writing name and email we can use to contact you. Send all that into to (no spaces) with writing contest in subject line ;-) Clear as mud? Romance Junkies

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