Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This N' That

Below are a few things you might be interested in.

Have fun!


* Over at the Happy Ending Blog, Jeannie Ruesch is giving a book video/book trailer workshop. You can follow her lessons by reading them on the blog, or you can sign up to have them emailed to your inbox. The choice is yours. And make sure you check out all the other posts on the blog, too. There's a goldmine of info.

*Need a boost to get going on your writing each morning? Check out Author C.M. Mayo's Daily 5 Minute Writing Exercises. There's an exercise for every day of the year, all 365 of them. Sign up to have them delivered to your inbox , or read them off her website. Whichever way you choose, they'll definitely give you a daily kick start.

*Visit The Bookshelf Muse and check out the EMOTION THESAURUS that Author Angela Ackerman has put together. Is your character disappointed, and you can't think of a way to describe it? Maybe her chin dipped to her chest, or her shoulder's slumped, sagged or drooped. Can't think of a way to show that your character's exhausted? How about if her eyes were red, or she/he yawned uncontrollably? With the Emotion Thesaurus , you'll find these descriptions and more. There are ton's of jump off/starting points to help if you get stuck.This is a blog you really should add to your bookmarks. Go here and see for yourself.

*Looking to take a Creative Writing course? If so, sign up for Writer's Village University's Y2K course. It starts April 7th, and it's FREE!

WVU offers ton's of other writing workshops for a fee, but they're worth it. I signed up for the free course(s) about ten years ago when I first started writing, and I was so impressed that I ended up buying a membership. The price is reasonable, and the courses are great. Go here and see for yourself.


Angela said...

Thanks so much for the mention--I'm glad you find the thesaurus collectons helpful!

Good luck on the contest! I'll be drawing on the 11th!

I'll be checking out that book trailer workshop--I'd love to know how to do one for when the time comes.

Carol Burge said...

You're welcome, Angela! I love your thesaurus. It's awesome! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I know it's a LOT of work.

Thank you for visiting RWW. I'm glad you found something helpful. Good luck with the book trailer workshop!

Jeannie Ruesch said...

Thank you so much for the link to the Book Video workshop! I hope it's proving useful to people. :)

Carol Burge said...

You're very welcome Jeannie! Thanks for offering the workshop, too, you're awesome!