Friday, February 26, 2010

The Wild Rose Press AND Pocket Books/Juno Imprint Call For Submissions

Hey guys, I have a couple calls for submissions for you.

Good Luck!

(Snipped from an email)

The Wild Rose Press is actively recruiting short stories across all lines immediately. If you have a short story in mind, now is the golden time to get that submission in. If you've never written anything short - try it. Sometimes trying to do something with less can be very satisfying. As always, please review our guidelines and remember we only publish romance.

According to the email I received, WRP considers anything under 65K a short and anything over full.

For more info, visit The Wild Rose Website or email Rhonda at:

The Wild Rose Press Website
The Wild Rose Press Submissions Page.

Also, Pocket Books/Juno Editor/Paula Guran is currently accepting submissions for the Juno line. For more information, visit the Juno Books Blog or the Juno submission guidelines Page.

Juno Books Blog
Juno Submission Guidelines

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