Sunday, March 7, 2010

Classic Romance Revival's First Flight Contest For Aspiring Romance Authors

Classic Romance Revival & CRR Publishing
"Giving Wings to Classic Romance"

If you write sweet, sensual or sophisticated romance in all genres, and are an unpublished and un-contracted author, this is the contest for you!

As part of our commitment to "growing" the "classic" romance genre, Classic Romance Revival is now hosting the First Flight Contest for aspiring authors, and the stakes just got higher - you could win a publishing contract plus three month's promo! Along with this is a copy of Barri Bryan's "A Core Curriculum for Creative Writing", a must-have for every writer...

Over the next few months you will have the opportunity to showcase your writing skills and your works in progress, and stand in line to win the Classic Romance Revival "First Flight" award. Not only that, the top stories from our Short Story category will be published in CRR's "First Flight" anthology.

We hope to make this an ongoing contest, a regular opportunity for aspiring authors to reach readers and, hopefully, other publishers as well.

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