Thursday, April 1, 2010

Writer's Village University's FREE 7-Week Creative Writing Course

Writer's Village University is once again offering their Free F2K Creative Writing Course.  Class begins April 7, 2010 and runs for 7-weeks.  Registration closes April 5th, so hurry and sign up!

I took this class years ago, when I was just learning to write and loved it. I also purchased a paid membership (and loved that, too). It's an awesome place to learn the craft of writing, or to brush up on your skills. These days they offer tons more courses to choose from than they did back when I was a member. It's well worth spending the $69 for a year membership  (or $14 monthly).

To learn more (and check out the AWESOME course they offer), visit the Writer's Village University home page. To register for the Free F2K Creative Writing Course, go to: .

Happy Writing!


Lee Ann said...

I am in love with you.

In the past few hours I've found writing prompts, a writer's workshop, and tons of ideas.

Thank you.

Carol Burge said...

Thanks, Lee Ann. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit and found something useful!