Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free Workshop: Create a Personalized Author Marketing Plan

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Free Workshop: Create a Personalized Author Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a goal-oriented concept that describes what commercial processes you will involve in promoting, selling, or distributing a product or service. That's a broad definition and encompasses many aspects.

This forum-style workshop will share ideas, ask questions, use lists, hunt down URLs, and learn new ways to create a personalized plan. Workshop led by Kayelle Allen, fueled by participant input.

Cost: Time spent learning.
Time: Forum style class without set hours. Come/go as your schedule dictates.
Dates: M-F, Jan 3-28, 2011
Where: Marketing for Romance Authors Yahoo! Group.

Marketing for Romance Writers is a group for authors (published and unpublished), literary agents, editors, author promotion services, publishers, and artists. Its goal, as it relates to marketing books, is to seek, teach, learn, share, and succeed. We accomplish this by sharing promotional opportunities, asking and answering questions, and serving one another in a spirit of cooperation. Founder: Kayelle Allen. Group Owners: Kayelle Allen, Marty Rayne, Jeanne Barrack. Newsletter Editor: Rochelle Weber. Bulletin Editor: Marty Rayne.

Author Kayelle Allen
Marketing For Writer's Yahoo Group Page

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