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Pitch To Christine Witthohn Of The BookCents Literary Agency At Pitch University

I just ran across this website, Pitch University, that host's agent pitches, and there's a pitch session going on right now (Feb. 6 - 12, 2011)! As far as I can tell, you can submit your choice of a written, audio and/or video pitch. The bad news is, last Sunday was the only day they accepted written pitches, but there is still time for the video/audio submission(s).

There is no fee to enter, so if you're interested read the info posted below, and hurry and get your pitch in! 

Good Luck!

Pitch Education in pitching your book or novel

Practice your pitch. Get feedback. (Maybe get a request!)

Welcome to our first "Pitch U Pitchfest Week," February 6 -12, 2011 here at Pitch University.  If you're new to Pitch University, read here for an overview of how we work and here for our rules.
Read below for this week's agent, what you need to do (it's easy!), and special rules to celebrate our Pitch U launch!

Meet Christine Witthohn, BookCents Literary Agency

Christine Witthohn is the founder of Bookcents Literary Agency. She's been mentoring Pitch U writers throughout January by providing lessons and on-going help in developing pitches.

Pitch Lesson 3: Pitch Your Book's Hook

When you create your pitches for Christine, she wants to know your name, the genre/type, the word count, and your hook.

NOTE: She will assume you're aiming at a New York publisher unless you indicate otherwise.

Her Clients Include Brenda Novak, and BookCents Literary Agency represents authors who write both fiction and very specific non-fiction.

They are currently seeking:
FICTION: Romance - Contemporary, Paranormal, Romantic Comedy, Mystery/Suspense,

Children's - Young Adult, Middle Grade, Women's Lit (must have a strong hook), Mainstream Mystery/Suspense, Medical or Legal Fiction (something that hasn't been done before), Literary Fiction.

NON-FICTION: We are looking for very specific NF Women's Issues/Experiences

Fun/Quirky Topics (particularly those of interest to women), Cookbooks (fun, ethnic, etc.), Health Gardening (herbs, plants, flowers, etc.), Books with a

"Save The Planet" theme, Entertaining Reference, How-To Books.
Professional Affiliations:
  • AAR - Association of Authors' Representatives
  • RWA - Romance Writers of America
  • MWA - Mystery Writers of America
  • SinC - Sisters In Crime
  • KOD - Kiss Of Death Chapter
 Pitching at Pitch U is easy! It all boils down to...
There's a lot of information in our Rules area, but just remember it really boils down to 3 simple elements.

Special Rules to Celebrate Our Launch
  • No cap!
  • All fiction genres; all non-fiction types. (Must be book-length.)You may submit multiple pitches! (1 per book project, including "practice" pitches for incomplete projects.) **This is a 1-time offer.**
  • No Change: Deadline to be considered for (video-only) Pitch Evaluation Lab day = Tuesday. 8:00 a.m. CST.
  • Bonus Deadline: Extra 24 hours added for all other audio/video pitches! (Yes, a Pitch U Inaugural Celebration Deadline.) Pitch Feedback Day deadline = Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. CST.
Video and Audio Pitches: Accepted all day Sunday, all day Monday, and until SEE EXTENDED DEADLINE ABOVE.

Written Pitches: Accepted Sunday only.

Note: Written pitches are not part of PitchFest Week. They won't be posted. They won't receive any feedback other than the message, "This writer IS/IS NOT ready to create a video or audio pitch" directly from the agent or editor.

Why bother? Well, if you're truly nervous about creating an audio or video, this will give you confidence that the words you're using to pitch your book actually make sense.

An agent or editor is telling you that you're ready to take the next step.

We'll notify you Monday (approx. 6:00 p.m. CST) of the results. You have Monday night (SEE EXTENDED DEADLINE) to go ahead and create a video or audio. You must meet the submission deadline.


Pitch University
Book Cents Literary Agency

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