Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dorchester Accepting eMail Submissions

I pulled this info from Dorchester Editor Leah Hultenschmidt's Blog, Romantic Reads. Dorchester Publishing is now accepting general submissions via email. Authors should attach their full manuscript in a Word or .rtf document, along with a 3- to 7-page synopsis. The body of the email should contain the material of a normal cover letter:
  • contact information, including physical address and phone number (so we don’t call a Californian at 9 a.m. EST)
  • word count (70,000-90,000 words)
  • the genre of the novel
  • and a brief, tantalizing description of the plot.
Authors who currently have submitted via regular mail should not resend their material. Submissions should be sent to submissions(at) Romantic Reads Blog Dorchester Publishing Dorchester Submissions Guidelines

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Lisa Whitefern said...

Thanks for this. I gather they don't take erotic romance though do they?