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It's been a while since I did a writer's hodge-podge post. So, here goes. Hope you find something useful. :) ~Carol
Screeners Needed at Lyrical Press, Inc
LPI is looking for a very small number of submission screeners. This is a volunteer position only. No wages or royalties are paid.
  • You must have Microsoft Word, Open Office and a gmail account.
  • You must have at least 2-4 hours free each week to read.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older. (LPI receives all types of submissions, including erotica, and we can’t discriminate in the screening process) You must not already be employed or contracted by LPI or another publishing company of any sort. (No, line editors, you do not get to screen subs, too, sorry. Fresh eyes really do mean fresh eyes).
  • You must not be engaged as a screener for any other publisher.
  • You must be prepared and able to give concise, constructive feedback on subs. This does not mean you need to be a grammar/story excerpt. It means you must be able to explain what you liked, why you liked it, what you didn’t like and why you didn’t like it, what you found difficult to read through, etc.
  • You must be prepared to be delighted by subs, but also remember publishing is a business.
  • You must abide by the first rule of sub club: Don’t talk about sub club. If you screen for us, you must never share information about subs, authors or procedures with any one else for any reason. (We’re evaluating ppl’s dreams, here. Have some respect.)

Why to apply:

  • Because you like to read.
  • Because you love to say yes but understand why and when to say no.Why we’re opening this to the public: Because we know editors’ opinions aren’t the same as readers’ opinions.
How to apply:

***Permission to forward granted.***

Also, LPI is accepting submissions (See couple posts down).

LPI Submissions Page

**I thought the following info might be of interest:


Please join us at 1st Turning Point on our opening day. We have prizes.

What is 1st Turning Point? A place where authors, artists, musicians, and crafters can learn all about promotion. It's all FREE!

We have some incredibly talented industry professionals to tell us all we need to know about the treacherous waters of promotion, including two American Title winners, a man who made movie trailers for Disney, an author who actually wrote for Superman, a real live marketing man who actually does marketing, a woman who owns an Internet radio station, another lady who owns an immense romance readers’ site, and who also now has a site to help writers promote. Did I mention the PRIZES? We have a person who sold while completely in the dark about all this stuff. Another who made the transition from e-press to NY-published. My own PR background was in politics. Yes, a huge variety of experiences.

This is a pay-it-forward site. We’re hoping that those who learn today will teach tomorrow. Besides, there will be PRIZES!

To learn more about 1st Turning Point, take a look at About Us, then read What Was I Thinking? in the Articles section. Click on On Staff and see who all’s on board. Oh, did you know there will be PRIZES?

1st Turning Point

Loose ID Summer Call for Submissions

Loose Id is looking for a few very special stories for each of the following promotions:

Who's the Boss of You?

October 16th is Boss's Day. One day to celebrate that amazing, elegant, outrageous, irritating, domineering, however you describe the maddening creature called "the Boss." At Loose Id, we want your best and sexiest stories about the Boss. Whether it's comeuppance or just plain coming, we want to see you give the bosses of the world what they deserve.

We're accepting a limited number of stories for the October 16th promotion, but good boss stories are always welcome. To be considered for the promotion, submit completed stories of 20,000+ words, before June 1.

Summer Getaways

Since the only vacation some people can afford this summer will happen between the pages of a book, we're looking to publish some fantastic summer getaway stories before Labor Day. These can be anything, any subgenre, but we're especially looking for solid and sexy contemporaries that focus on the escape. But whether that escape is winning the lottery or meeting the boy next door, that's up to you.

To be considered for this promotion, submit completed stories of 20,000+ words, before July 15, but earlier submissions are welcome as we'd like to stagger them throughout the summer.

Hot Hooks

And, if you're a contest junkie, or hoping to realize your fantasy of becoming a published author, Loose Id has something for you, too. In July, we'll be running a "Hot Hooks" contest, where stories will be judged on their hook, premise, first page and synopsis.

All subgenres of erotic romance will be accepted, but the focus will be on finding sensational saleable stories. So start thinking about the hottest hooks you can imagine and write exceptional stories around them. Even if you don't want to enter the contest, that's good advice.

Keep your eyes open for more information about our Hot Hooks contest, coming soon to a Loose Id website near you. We look forward to seeing your submissions and helping you help our readers unleash your fantasies this summer at Loose Id.

Loose Id Website & Submissions Page

The Passionate Pen 10 Year Anniversary

Did you know Author Jenna Peterson/Jess Michaels' PASSIONATE PEN is celebrating a ten year anniversary? Wow! I started writing just about the same time the Passionate Pen went up, and it was one of the first romance writer's resources I discovered. I still visit when I have a question or need to know about a certain agent or publisher, and I never miss the monthly agent interviews and articles.

Jenna is celebrating the 10 year mark by having monthly drawings! Woo-hoo! To enter, answer the question and email the answer. That's it! I won February's contest and received a brand new copy of the newest version of Microsoft Office Professional 2007! Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled. Believe me, I needed that program. :)

Last month (April) the Jenna posted an interview with Bookends agent Jessica Faust and had a drawing for a bag full of research/craft books. This months interview (May) is with Avon's May Chen and the drawing is for a grab bag of recent Avon releases! Awesome!

The Passionate Pen is chock full of articles, interviews, links - all things romance writer related. See for yourself at . If you decide to enter the monthly drawing, good luck! And don't forget to sign up for the Jenna Peterson Newsletter!

Visit The Passionate Pen and/or the Jenna Peterson Website

**And last but not least...

Call For Article Submissions

A call for submissions for articles on writing to: The Fiction Flyer, a free ezine for writers at

Article Submissions Guidelines:

To submit an article, you must be a subscriber of The Fiction Flyer. To subscribe, send an email to and write EZINE in the subject heading. New subscribers may have a free ad featuring their book or book event.

Each issue of The Fiction Flyer is packed with information for readers and writers of fiction. We welcome article submissions that will stimulate, motivate, persuade, entertain or inform our readers on topics pertaining to reading and writing of fiction.

We offer writers exposure to their work as we have over 1,000 subscribers. When our subscriber list reaches a pre-determined level, we will charge a modest fee for advertising and will pay stipends to authors of contributed articles and stories. Currently, we are accepting original work as well as reprints for articles. Please advise us if your article is a reprint and provide the particulars for the first publication so we can credit the publisher. Beyond the right of The Fiction Flyer to publish their article or story electronically, an author retains all other rights.

Additional guidelines for article submissions:

  • 1. No obscene language, excessive violence or pornography
  • 2. Length of article: 500 to 2,000 words.
  • 3. Use Arial or Times New Roman 10 point font
  • 4. Electronic submissions only -- include in the body of your email. No attachments
  • 5. We reserve to right to edit work
  • 6. Simultaneous submissions accepted
  • 7. All articles are archived at

Thank you. We look forward to reading your work.

Kathe Gogolewski Editor/The Fiction Flyer

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