Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To Finish the Book or Not to Finish the Book...

...that is the question. A friend of mine is in a dilemma. She's asked for my help with her problem, and it's a tough one. So I'm asking you... I've heard it said over and over through the years on writer's lists, writing courses, writing articles and just about everywhere there's a writing discussion.
"When you begin working on a book, finish it before you start working on anything else. Period."
Sounds like good, sound advice. But, what if your current project was your first ever attempt at writing and it's been at least five or six years since you started the novel? What if it's been revised and rewritten so many times that it's not even the same story that it started out to be. What if it's nearly half finished, however, you're just bored, bored, bored with it? If you're so bored that you just can't bare to go on writing it, should you just set it aside and begin working on another project? Even though they say it's best to just finish the one your working on before moving on to something else? A friend of my did just that. She set her wip aside for about two years. Now she's picked up where she left off and she feels like she needs to move on to something else. And that's the big question. Should she or shouldn't she? She's debated this question for quite some time now. And even though she does love the story (it's her first born , and you writer's out there know what I'm talking about), she thinks that she's diddled around with it far too long. My friend thinks of this novel as her "learning" experience. She feels like she's more experienced in her writing and she could easily take off with another project that she's been dying to start. But every time she thinks about doing that, she has a niggling in the back of her mind telling her to "just finish it!" What would you do?

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