Monday, April 7, 2008

Characterization Workshop on Erotic Romance Workshop This Week

Erotic Romance Workshop eloop is once again presenting writer's workshops. They stopped for a while, but they're back at it. Which is great. Right now author Tambra Kendall is presenting a Characterization Workshop: Writing strong characters and viewpoint Plot: Stimulus and Response. Tambra teaches workshops for Earthly Charms as well as various RWA chapters, and is an author with Whiskey Creek Press. This workshop began on March 31st, but continues through April 11th. All workshop lessons are archived in the files section on the group website, so if you join late you still won't miss out. You can always backtrack and read the group messages, too. That's what great about online workshops. The workshop schedule and info is posted on the group website, links are below. Lots of useful information to be had, you don't want to miss this class. Here's a brief overview: Celtic Knotwork: Weaving Together Characterization and Plot Copyright 2008 Pollyanna Williamson. Not to be used without permission. Blurb Learn how characterization and plotting weave together to make your story come alive. Course level This course is for intermediate level writers on up. OVERVIEW Outline of lessons and discussion topics: Characterization Lessons 1. Character profile questions and interviewing your characters 2. Creating backstory: when and to use it 3. Character is Action 4. GMC: Goal, motivation and conflict. This will also be discussed in the plot section. 5. Writing strong characters and viewpoint 6. Three Dimensional Characters 7. Writing sexual tension Plot Lessons 1. What is Plot? What does it do? 2. Plot is Action 3. GMC: Goal, motivation and conflict 4. Stimulus and Response 5. No Sagging Middles 6. Scene and sequel 7. Plotting Methods 8. How character and plot work together. Examples will be given throughout the course and a list of resources will also be given. To join EroticRomanceWorkshop go to: Tambra's Website Tambra's MySpace Author Marie Roy is the Erotic Romance Workshop list mom. Check out her website at:

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