Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Guess What?

I'm almost embarrassed to post this, but, here goes... In my inbox this morning was a notification from Kathy, of Kathy's Review Corner, saying my name was picked from her Contest and Announcement Yahoogroup Newsletter, and that I'd won an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of Linnea Sinclair's Games of Command. I'm floored. I cannot believe I have, once again, won something! This is crazy. I've won more things since April, than I've won my whole entire life! I said it before, and I'll say it again,. I am not a contest junkie - I swear! I read a LOT of blogs, and I sometimes enter my name when I run across a contest or drawing. That's it. Half the time when I receive a winner's notification, I don't know how, from where or what I won! Which was the case this morning. I actually emailed Kathy and asked her that very question -how I'd won Games of Command. She pointed me to her website, and then it all came back to me. I remembered visiting and signing up for her Announcements and Contests Newsletter. And I'm glad I did! Visit Kathy's Review Corner and read her review of Games of Command, and sign up for her newsletter while you're there. Links are below. Happy New Year! Linnea Sinclair Website Linnea Sinclair at MySpace Kathy's Review Corner Kathy's Review of Games of Command

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