Friday, January 25, 2008

Need Help Finishing Your Ms? Check Out Endurance Writing

Endurance Writing: Where writing is more than just words on paper. The Idea: Get from A to Z of your draft with the least amount of pain and suffering possible! Like ripping off a Band-Aid. Zzz-zzip! Endurance Writing focuses more on the process of "getting it done," than the actual end product that comes out of the writing--your book. HOW E.W. WORKS: We all get together as a group in a Yahoo Messenger Conference Room and write as fast as we can ("sprint") for a set period of time (between 20 and 45 minutes, usually). Then we take a break (about 15 minutes), for fun discussion, chocolate, coffee, etc. Then we start all over with another sprint. We don't claim to be expert writers... much. In fact, we're not so much concerned with content or your overall page/word count as we are with getting you to participate in the writing sprints that will help you reach that light at the end of the tunnel: A FINISHED FIRST DRAFT! Endurance Writing is not about meeting a specific word count goal or page count goal. It is not about "checking in" with the group on your specific daily or weekly progress, or even about "finishing" any specific project. The ultimate goal is, of course, for participants to be able to finish multiple writing projects, but this should occur more as a natural side effect of participation in Endurance Writing, not as its specific aim. As a part of the Endurance Writing group, you can work on whatever project you desire during WordSprints. Old half-finished novel on the backburner for months? Go ahead and pick it up! Got an outline that's been dying for some attention? Perfect! Basically, if you can dream it, you can sprint with it. In addition, you can participate in whatever scheduled WordSprints you desire. No advance notice is necessary to "jump in" on a daily WordSprint with the group. What Endurance Writing is, essentially, is a wellspring of real-time, online writing camaraderie--as well as a system of time-wise writing accountability for those who find themselves easily distracted from the actual task of writing that draft. Endurance Writing is about putting in the time, in a group setting, making your fellow writers your "partners in crime." Broken up into bite-sized, 20-minute chunks, Endurance Writing takes the enormous, hard-shelled task of writing a novel and makes it more palatable... and sociable. Endurance Writer Site EW Yahoo Group Note: You'll need Yahoo Messenger to Participate

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