Sunday, January 13, 2008

Free Writing Class - Pearls of Writing

Description Sign up for the Pearls of Writing - Free Writing Class. The first class for 2008 will start on January 14th. Please feel free to sign up for the waiting list for a future free writing class (beginning January 2006). We'd love to have you. Go here to sign up: SUMMARY An online introductory writing class for all levels of writers -- from beginning to advanced. The class includes individual and group chats, and individual and group exercises. Students are given the chance to critique the writing exercises posted to the group. Julie Jennings and P. June Diehl will be the instructors for this six week class. PURPOSE
  • To motivate the student to become more focused and involved in her writing growth.
  • To give the student a chance to get to know the instructors.
  • To create a community of writers who support each other in a caring and honest fashion.
  • Week 1 --Students submit up to 1500 words (nonfiction, fiction, poetry, in any combination) and a bio. Instructors critique students writing and review strengths and weaknesses. Each student decides on what one area to focus during the class.
  • Week 2 -- Students learn tips for critiquing and are urged to critique each other's writing exercises which are posted to the group. Individual writing exercises are assigned or the student can choose to continue posting writing to be critiqued each week. A group exercise will be posted and all will be encouraged to participate.
  • Weeks 3 thru 5 -- More individualized exercises are assigned. Each student will have the opportunity to critique the group exercises posted.
  • Week 6 -- A final writing exercise is assigned to each student and critiqued by fellow students and the instructors.


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Shesawriter said...

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