Monday, March 3, 2008

Bookends Contest #4 - Contemporary Romance

Bookends has announced the winner of the Erotic category, and now they're moving on to Contemporary. Deadline is tomorrow, so hurry if you want to enter. Here are the rules: 1. We’ll only accept entries that are posted in the comments section of this blog article. No e-mailed entries will be considered. 2. Include your title and the first 100 words of your book. Now, we’re not saying to leave us hanging mid-sentence here. Stop wherever the previous sentence ends, but do not exceed 100 words. 3. The same work cannot be entered in more than one genre. If you think your book straddles more than one genre, you’ll have to pick one. We will, however, accept multiple works from the same author in the same or different categories. 4. Once the material is entered, it’s your final entry. We won’t allow revised versions of the same work. 5. We’re accepting excerpts of both finished and unfinished works. 6. The deadline is tomorrow, March 4th, at 9:00 a.m. EST. Winner gets a critique of the query letter, synopsis, and first chapter of the winning entry! Good Luck! Bookends Blog

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