Friday, March 7, 2008

Wanted: Reviewers at Manic Readers!

I received the below information about the reviewers site, Manic Readers, from a writer group I belong to, and thought I'd share. :) * * * Manic Readers needs you! We’re growing by leaps and bounds, but we need your help to get these fabulous ebooks and print books reviewed! The volume of books we’re receiving for review has exploded over the last month and we need YOU to help us get it all done! We are a volunteer based review site and therefore we do not pay reviewers. However, you’ll receive free books to feed your reading addiction! If you are interested in being a part of our Manic Family send us a sample review (approx. 200words) at info (NO SPACES). Here’s a sample review to give you an idea of what to submit: Book Title: Dr. Gnome Author Name: Donna Michaels ISBN #: 1-59998-851-8 Publisher Name: Forbidden Publications Date Released: December 2007 Genre: Paranormal Romance Book Format: ebook Rating: 4 stars Summary: Double O Fang Agent Pierce DeVein is smooth, confident and a hit with all the ladies. Shifter Intelligence Agent Kitty Kat is brash, impulsive and devilishly sexy. When the world’s gold supply starts to come up missing and nations are facing economic downfall these two unwilling agents are paired together as partners. Will they be able to stop the evil Dr. Gnome from destroying the world’s finances and keep their hearts in check at the same time? Opinion: Donna Michaels establishes a whole new world in just a few short paragraphs drawing the reader in from the start. You feel the attraction of the two characters instantly despite their funny insults to each other and don’t want to put the book down for fear of missing part of the mission. Michaels writes a winner with this fast moving comical adventure. Reviewed By: Nicole Whether you currently review with other sites or have never tried it before, all are welcome to submit a sample review!! Manic Readers * * * This is the first I've heard of this site. Looks like they're kind of new. Also, you published authors might be interested in submitting your book for review. As far as the site itself, I found it to be pretty user-friendly. You can do a search for book reviews through the database by book title, author or publisher, and you can add your own comments to them. To access the reviews and add comments you have to be a member, but registration is free. And if you're a published author, you get a FREE complimentary author page with registration. Seems they have a MySpace page and a Yahoogroup, too. If you want to advertise with Manic Readers, looks like they have pretty reasonable rates. I'm really not sure what's considered "reasonable" advertising rates, but from what I could see, their prices looked pretty good. I'd try them out. :) If you want to check them out for yourself, here's the link to their site: Manic Readers Happy Writing (and reading - and reviewing, too)!

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LaDonna said...

Hey Carol! You're a well of information over here, girl. :smile: Thanks for the My Space invite too. So fun!