Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dangerous Desires Has A Release Date!

Wow, this is happening so fast. Two days ago my Historical Western Romance Novel, Dangerous Desires, was accepted for publication by Lyrical Press and today, I learned I have a release date!

Dangerous Desires will be released in ebook format September 1, 2008 then in print December 1, 2008! Woo-hoo!

I've allowed myself the weekend to celebrate and let it all sink in. Come Monday, though, it's down to business. I've created a writing schedule, and come hell or high water, I plan to stick to it. This was my usual daily routine:

Coffee and email first thing in the morning then on to my favorite blogs. From there, who knows? I do whatever I feel like doing. But, no more.

This is my new schedule. It may change, but for now, this is a start:

  • Morning - Coffee & email (to wake up)
  • Write - I've yet to decide how long or how many pages or word count
  • Break - 15 minutes. I may add treadmill time to this, and extend the break time
  • Write - until break time
  • Break - walk, stretch, get something to drink, whatever
  • Write - until my daily writing goal is met
  • Reward - If, and only if, I meet my daily writing goal, I'll read my favorite blogs. I will have to cut down and pick only a few of my favorites, though. Right now my blogroll is way too long.
  • Dinner
  • Online time - this will be for email, surfing, whatever.
  • Bedtime
I like schedule's and structure, so once I get used to it, I'll be fine. It's just that I haven't worked for over a year, so I haven't had a schedule of any kind. Changing my daily routine will be a little hard to get used to, but I can do it. I'm the kind of person that, when I make my mind up to do something, I do it. That is, if I really want to do it. And I really want to see my book on the shelves. :) Wish me luck!
Photobucket Dangerous Desires Coming September '08 From Lyrical Press!

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