Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rock Star Mommy & The Mydols - Following Your Dream

My second cousin, Kara really has it going on. She's a wife, mother and successful make-up artist. All the local Detroit area newspapers have done write-ups on her, and in the January 2004 issue of Allure Magazine, Kara was named best make-up artist in Detroit. And those aren't the only things Kara's doing. Not only is Kara a wife, mother and successful make-up artist, she's also the lead singer of the all female band here in Michigan, THE MYDOLS. Some of you may have heard of Mydols, because they're becoming quite popular. Just this month they were interviewed by Donny Deutsch of CNBC's THE BIG IDEA Show. They were on INSIDE EDITION, THE TODAY SHOW, CBS EARLY MORNING and featured in WALL STREET JOURNAL. They play all over Michigan and out of state, too. They have so many things happening, it's unbelievable. When I want to visit my cousin, I basically have to make an appointment! The last time we got together was just before Christmas. But, I understand. I really do, because Kara and her band members are busy living their dream. And they're doing a good job of it. Band member Judy Davids wrote a book about her journey entitled, ROCK STAR MOMMY, which has recently been released and is doing quite well. Judy will be presenting workshops at some of Michigan's local library's (Royal Oak Library, for those of you in the area), she has lots of upcoming book signings scheduled (she'll be at the Royal Oak B&N May 5th), and she has an upcoming interview with some of the local TV new stations and newspapers. She's done podcasts, radio interviews and she'll even be doing a book signing at my city library next month. She's really got this promotion stuff together. Hopefully, she'll give me a few pointers when my book releases. :)


It's hard to believe that not one of these four women ever played an instrument before in their life. They were't singers and they've never been on stage. One day they just got together and decided to start a band. Now they're on national TV, touring all over the place, and writing books. Talk about living your dream! If you're interested in reading about my cousin Kara, the Mydols and their road to stardom, you can do so by going to the band's Official Website or MySpace page. And if you want to learn about Judy Davids and her book, Rock Star Mommy, here's the link to her website and her blog, where Judy's upcoming book signings, workshops and appearances are listed. If you do happen to visit any of the MySpace sites, make sure you check out the pictures. Especially Kara's MySpace page. She has tons of pictures and you can see and read her feature make-up magazine articles and newspaper clippings. See what can happen if you follow your dreams? The Mydols Website The Mydols on MySpace Kara's MySpace Judy Davids Blog Judy Davids Website


Judy Davids said...

Thanks Carol for all the kind words!


Carol Burge said...

You're welcome, Judy! Best of luck with the sale of your book, too!