Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Promotional Resource and Tips Yahoogroup

There's a new group for promotional tips and resources. It's called Writers Promo Tips (writerspromotips) and the group was put together by authors Karin Tabke, Tawny Weber and Edie Ramer. Here's the description from the group homepage:
This group is for writers who want to promote their books. It's a place to share promo ideas or tips to make promoting our books easier. If someone is blogging about promotion, post the link. If you have a promotion question, ask it. If there's something you tried that didn't work, let the rest of us know. If there's something you tried that worked, let the rest of us know. We want to know and share the new promotion ideas and opportunities that are popping up, and we want to know and share the old ones.
I joined a few days ago, created a sub-folder in my Outlook Express, formatted all my writerpromotips emails to download directly into the folder, then forgot all about it (I'm really bad about doing that). When I did remember to check my folder a couple of days later, there was already over 250 emails! This is a hopping group, people. 250 emails in two, three days - whoa! There's some really good resources in that eloop, too. I started a promotional file and it's packed with tips and ideas. So, if you're a newly published author (like me) and you don't know how or where to start when it comes to promotion, or even if you're a old pro at the game, this group is for you. I highly recommend it. :) To join, send a blank email to or by going to the group home page writerspromotips homepage


Maria Zannini said...

Thanks, Carol! Here's another you can check out:

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Thanks, Maria!