Monday, November 30, 2009

AudioLark Romance Audio Book Publisher Open To Submissions

AudioLark* is open to submissions for romance shorts (10,000 – 20,000 words), novellas (20 – 40,000 words) and novels (40,000 words and up) in a multitude of genres and heat levels. Your story is the key to being published by *AudioLark*. Ask yourself; if every sex scene was cut out of my novel, would my story still be compelling to readers? If so, we want to take a look.

*AudioLark* ONLY publishes audio books. We only contract audio rights. We match your manuscript with the perfect narrator and create a seamless, professional audio book to sell on our site and through our distributors.

*AudioLark *offers authors 15% of gross sales on our site, and 25% of net sales through distributor sites. Royalties are paid quarterly within 30 days of the end of the quarter in which the sales were made.

We prefer manuscripts that have already been published as ebooks or in print. At this time, we do not have the capability to edit novels. We will make an exception for unpublished works by previously published authors (for example, we'll gladly take a short story if you've published novels and novellas before). Authors should realize that publishing with us first may make it hard to find an electronic or print publisher afterwards for their manuscript. Most ebook publishers, however, do not mind if you retain your audio rights.

Authors MUST have audio rights to their work or we will not consider it. Do NOT approach us if you haven't yet secured audio rights to a published manuscript.

We are interested in all sorts of romance genres, from contemporary to historical, chick lit to paranormal, suspense to science fiction to novels with romantic elements. We are not accepting young adult at this time.

Check back to see if this changes.

We are accepting all heat levels, as well, and would like to offer our readers a full range of story options, from ultra sweet to scorching hot.

Our guidelines mirror most other romance publishers. Erotica is fine, pornography is not. We reserve the right to draw the line where we will. We will not accept stories that include rape, bestiality, sex with anyone under18, incest, necrophilia, racism, sexism, intolerance of others' religion or sexual preference.

Please submit all manuscripts to *Include in your email your name, pen name, manuscript length, genre and steaminess level.*

Manuscripts may be submitted as a pdf if published (preferred), or as a MicroSoft Word 2003 doc file. If we encounter any errors, we will ask for another format. Please send the entire manuscript as we make decisions quite quickly. Our response time is generally one – two weeks.

Submissions Guidelines

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Ashlee Schmitmeyer said...

Cool! I love audiobooks but haven't been able to find any erotic books, so I'll definitely check out Audiolark. Also, do authors read their own work?