Saturday, December 15, 2007

My New Blog Design

I've been looking for a new blog design for ages. I've surfed and surfed and surfed to no avail. Then yesterday I discovered What a great site! They have the best free blog designs I've found so far (and I've done a LOT of surfing). I spent hours trying out new templates, and even more time trying to decide which template I wanted to use. The only thing is, when I made the change, I lost a most of my widgets and formatting. I tried to add the old stuff using the blogger drag and drop option, and it said I'd successfully added the things I wanted, however, they're not there (and yes, I saved everything)! I have a sneaky suspicion that to add the extras, I will have to write them in using css or html (just shoot me now). That's the one thing that's held me back from making this change earlier (besides the fact that I couldn't find a template I liked). So, until I learn to write css or html, or figure out another way to add my blogroll and widgets, I'll have to do without them. That's what I hate about making changes, whether it be to your website, blog or whatever, you always run into some kind of road block. It's never simple. Grrrr! So, if you happen onto my blog, and don't see your blog link, please don't think I've deserted you (and your blog). Just please bare with me until I get this all figured out. In the meantime, if you're thinking about changing your blog and you haven't been able to find a decent template, visit Happy Blogging!

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