Monday, December 10, 2007

Free Workshop Tomorrow - Fight Scenes or How Butts Get Kicked

Fight Scenes or How Butts Get Kicked Presented by Fiona Jade Tuesday, December 11, 2007 On The EroticRomanceWorkshop E-Loop With erotic romance spanning various genres, fight scenes– be its words, or fists or laser blasts - speed up the action on the pages.Like lovemaking, a fight scene presents similar challenges to the author – depicting simultaneous action in a sequence of phrases,pacing, verbiage, and, well, "punch". This workshop will present butt kicking and still feminine heroines, various ways to hurt a body (if you REALLY have to) and the little known fact rarely depicted on the silver screen - that when one punches something really hard, one's knuckles really hurt. Bio: Fiona Jayde is a pilot, a ninth degree black belt in three styles of martial arts, a computer hacker, a mountain climber, a jazz singer, a weight lifter, a super spy with a talent for languages, and an evil genius. All in her own head. In life, she is an author, insists she is a good driver even though various loved ones refuse to let her drive, possesses a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and blue belt in Aikido, a web developer, scared to death of heights, loves jazz piano, can bench-press about 20 pounds-with effort, speaks English and Russian fluently, and when not plotting murder and mayhem enjoys steamy romance novels, sexy spy thrillers, murky mysteries and violent movies where things frequently blow up. Her latest series – Urban Myth, Urban Legend and Urban Fantasy is a trilogy of paranormal romances with humans and vampires highly skilled in the arts of combat fighting and training for peace amidst the races. You must be a registered member of the EroticRomanceWorkshop on Yahoogroups to participate. Click on the link above to join - it's FREE! *Reposted with permission from the EroticRomanceWorkshop group.

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