Thursday, December 27, 2007

Interested In A Free Novel Writing Course?

Interested in a FREE 2 year Novel Writing Course? If so, you can read about it here. The two year long course is presented by Lazette Gifford and will take place on Holly Lisle's Forward Motion for Writers forum. Below is a snippet about the course I pinched from the forum. Happy Novel Writing!

Year One topics: Writing Basics: Ideas, Genres, Themes, Conflict and more Character development Worldbuilding Outlining Writing, including what to do when you get stuck Year Two topics: Completing your first draft The second draft Final edits Submission You might also consider buying the 2YN: Year 1 book, which is available in PDF (Download) format and which you can print out. This is the material that I'll present in the class, so it's not necessary that you have it. However, some people have found it helpful to have the book since they can look ahead and do the work in an order that is more natural to them, though they cannot post material before the class is presented on the boards. It is also helpful so you can do the work even if they are not able to get to the computer on days I put the material up. As always, there are no fees or special requirements, other than you be a member of Forward Motion. If you are interested, just post to this thread and I'll add you to the board when it's open.

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