Monday, February 18, 2008

Agent Lori Perkins Looking for Erotica Authors

Here's some good news for those of you who write Erotica. Agent Lori Perkins, of Lori Perkins Agency in New York, is expanding. In addition to horror, sci-fi and fantasy, Lori will now be working with Erotica authors. She's added an new intern to her staff, who specializes in and will handle only Erotica. I snipped this from her blog, Agent in the Middle.
So, if you have a memoir and/or a novel, or you have a short story track record and wonder if you can be developed into the long form, send me an email titled "erotica intern" and I'll pass it on to her. Or if you know someone who should be writing their memoir and/or erotic novel.
So, if you write Erotica, you're in luck! Below is the link to her blog where you can read all about it. Agent in the Middle Happy Writing!

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