Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lots of Upcoming Contests at Bookends

Starting TODAY, Bookends will be judging a whole series of contests on their blog. Here's a bit of information about the contest I snipped from their blog post: We’re launching a new contest today, and this one is going to be something a little different. We’ll actually be judging a whole series of contests. We decided to try several genre-specific competitions of the first 100 words of the work. We’ll be limiting the types of books to the areas that we represent. In the next few months we’ll be holding contests in the following genres:
  • Mystery (traditional and cozy)
  • Paranormal Romance/Romance With Fantasy Elements
  • Erotic Romance
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Thriller/Suspense
  • Historical Romance

The rules are as follows:

  • 1. We’ll only accept entries that are posted in the comments section of this blog article. No e-mailed entries will be considered.
  • 2. Include your title and the first 100 words of your book. Now, we’re not saying to leave us hanging mid-sentence here. Stop wherever the previous sentence ends, but do not exceed 100 words.
  • 3. The same work cannot be entered in more than one genre. If you think your book straddles more than one genre, you’ll have to pick one. We will, however, accept multiple works from the same author in different categories.
  • 4. Once the material is entered, it’s your final entry. We won’t allow revised versions of the same work.
  • 5. The deadline is tomorrow, February 15th, at 9:00 a.m. EST.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting my query letter, synopsis and first 100 words in order!

On another note, the Bookends Pitch Critique has ended. On Tuesdays Bookends post, Jessica finally said she'd had enough. And who can blame her? I know she had to have critiqued at least 200 or more pitches. However, I'm sorry to say, she didn't get to mine. When she decided to stop, my entry was 15 away from her last critique. Oh well, maybe I'll have better luck with the 100 word contest. I'm waiting for the Historical Romance category. I'm just glad they didn't start the contest off with my category, because this contest came as a huge surprise. Not even a hint that they would be doing this. :)

So, I'm off to get my submission ready. You never know, they just might decide to take submissions for the Historical Romance Category tomorrow. If so, I want to be ready. :)

Wish me luck!

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