Saturday, February 23, 2008

Open Call For Submissions For Aspen Mountain Press Del Fantasma Line

Open submisson calls at Aspen Mountain Press for their Del Fantasma line. I snipped this from an email sent to one of my writing loops:
We are having an open submissions call for our Del Fantasma line…we like them hot, and we like to mix up the stories with heterosexual, homosexual couples and ménage situations…at least one of the couple should have some paranormal aspect to them if at all possible. We've had a few where the featured couple weren't at least half paranormal and they haven't done as well as the stories where at least one is a shapeshifter or other worldly character of some sort. All stories must have a scene at the bar with Cody Warren, but that is further explained in the series bible which is attached. We are only offering contracts on completed stories, and we'd like them to be about 15-30k ideally. Sandra Adventure, Mystery, Passion
Overview Del Fantasma is Aspen Mountain Press’ paranormal romance series that is focused around the Del Fantasma bar in Vista Loma, California and the bar owner, vampire Cody Warren. Cody is said to have a story behind every drink he serves and each story must be titled after a real bar drink that somehow relates to the story (eg Del Fantasma: Texas Tea). No drinks may be repeated. The author’s main characters must meet or be reunited at the bar and Cody must appear in at least one scene. If you can have Cody be the one that introduces them or be the one that throws them together in some situation, so much the better. Additional details are in the sections below. Requirements - Genre Del Fantasma series stories are required to be contemporary paranormal romances. They can be any heat level that conforms to other requirements and any sexual orientation (m/f, GLBT, ménage, etc.). Very sexy/sensual is the focus. Aspen Mountain Press’ standard disqualifications still apply. No pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, snuff, scat/golden showers or rape/incest. For more information on these, please see Aspen Mountain Press’ general submissions page at Note that stories submitted for the Del Fantasma series must be NEW stories. Word Count The word count for this series is 5k to 100k. Although 5k is an absolute minimum, authors are encouraged to try for a minimum of at least 15K to provide the readers with the best immersion. Format Books in the Del Fantasma Series are currently offered in ebook format only, with possibility of having them put into print anthologies in the future.

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