Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lyrical Press Accepting Submissions & Best First Kiss Contest

Lyrical Press Grand Opening May 5, 2008 Lyrical Press, Inc. is now accepting submissions in all romance genres except Poetry and Young Adult. Although their main focus will be on books with a darker and more Gothic tone, all romance genres are welcome. All submissions must be sent via e-mail, as all of our work is done electronically. We are accepting submissions in all romance genres and heat levels, except for Poetry and Young Adult. We are also accepting previously published works if the author holds the exclusive rights. Should we accept your manuscript for publication, we will ask you to provide proof of rights and the book will go through the standard editing process. Our preferred word count is 30,000 or longer, but will publish shorter works with a word count of no less than 12,000. Your query should be sent in the body of your email, with a 2-5 page synopsis and completed manuscript as attachments. Send all submissions to: Warm Summer Myth - Summer Anthology We are now accepting submissions for our summer anthology, Warm Summer Myth. All submissions must be 20,000 - 30,000 words and have a summer setting with the theme being the Hero/Heroine as mythical creature - any mythical creature, so let your imagination fly. All submissions must state in the subject line of the email that it for the Warm Summer Myth Anthology. The deadline for submissions is March 1st 2008 Lyrical Idol - Season One Lyrical Press is hosting a Best First Kiss Contest! The winner will receive a contract with Lyrical Press, Inc! Visit the Lyrical Idol page site for official contest rules. Lyrical Press is offering both an electronic and printed monthly newsletter, Once Upon a Newsletter! Email your preference to Please include your name along with your email or snail-mail address. Lyrical Press, Inc First Kiss Contest Rules


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