Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Need a FREE Creartivity Coach?

Eric Maisel, best selling author of The Van Gogh Blues is offering free creativity coaching. If you're interested, info is below.
My next Introduction to Creativity Coaching Training begins next week. We have room for perhaps 20 or so additional free clients. If you would like to work with a creativity coach in training via email for four months for free, this is your chance. You can work on any issues you choose, from art marketplace issues to overcoming resistance to finding your creative voice. Some thousands of creative and performing artists, from novice to highly experienced, have used this free service over the past several years. If you were a free client previously, you can come aboard again. To be put in the free client pool, I need the following information from you: one paragraph on you and one paragraph on what you would like to work on with a creativity coach. Send that information to me at ericmaisel@hotmail.com, today if you can possibly can. Best, Eric ericmaisel@hotmail.com ericmaisel@sbcglobal.net
For information on Eric Maisel's books and services please visit http://www.ericmaisel.com For information on Ten Zen Seconds,the next step in mindfulness practice, please visit http://www.tenzenseconds.com

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