Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Copyright Companion for Writers Guide

Another great writer's reference from LiteraryLawGuide.com. If you're a writer you have to check out this site. This guide, as well as the as Contracts Companion for Writers (see previous post) is next on my book list. By attorney Tonya Evans-Walls ISBN: 096745799-8 BINDING: Paper PAGES: 176 PRICE: $19.95 (26.95 CAN) PUB DATE: Jan 2007 Distributed to the trade by Independent Publishers Group DESCRIPTION: DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AS A WRITER? What is fair use and how is it different from public domain? -How is a copyright created? -When and how should copyright be registered? -How is a copyrighted work protected on the Internet? -How is copyright protected internationally? -What do freelancers and songwriters need to know about copyright? These are among the many questions addressed in this thorough look at copyright law written specifically for writers who want to know their rights. Through clear and concise explanations and dozens of useful forms, this book debunks myths such as the Poor Man's Copyright (aka the mail-the-manuscript-to-yourself theory of protecting copyright) and examines the difference between fair use and public domain, the definition of infringement and how to avoid it, how writers may assert claims, and how to obtain permissions to use copyrighted works such as song lyrics, pictures, and quotations. The book also covers the most recent amendments to the Copyright Act, hot topics like orphan works and Google Print, and how those amendments and topics affect the rights of writers.

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