Friday, August 10, 2007

Goals...And Other Things

Gosh, I almost hate to add another post to my blog because when I do, it will knock James down a post. As it is, when I go to my blog, his picture is the first thing I see. Ahhhh...Well, on to my goals. I've decided to try and keep a list of daily goals...and stick to it! Whenever I've tried to do this in the past, I've never succeeded for more than a day or two. I figure, if I post my daily goals to my and "live" I'd stick to it better because of the fact that just maybe somebody is reading my blog and keeping track of my posts, so I'd look like a real failure/fool if I didn't keep up with this latest bright idea. That's my take on it, anyway. So, this is it for my daily goals list. They're not in any particular order....

1. Post to my blog 2. Write at least 3 pages of Dangerous Desires 3. Start the next chapter in Karen Weisner's First Draft in 30 Days guide. 4. The treadmill. I absolutely have to stick to this one, as it's sitting in my living room and the husband keeps threatening to throw it out if I don't use it...I do, just not every single day. 5. Get the house cleaned before I start any serious writing, i.e., #'s 1,2 and 3. 6. Keep my email program closed while doing the tends to divert my attention away from doing other things. 7. Listen to at least one of my Brain Sync CD's a day.

Carol's Personal Score Badge

Update: Just as I was writing this post, I received a link through one of my writer's lists to this really cool site called Joes Goals. You must register (it's free), then you can set up a daily goal or logbook chart. Put in whatever you want, arrange your goals in any order you want, have them notify you if you've missed a day posting a check mark to you log if you chose to.

What's also cool about this site is, they give you a code to add to your goal chart to your blog, MySpace page or whatever. Now, do any of you remember a previous post I wrote entitled "Everything Happens for a Reason?" This is want I meant in that post. Just as soon as I think or want something (lately it has to do with my writing), it just kind of happens. Things are just falling into place too easily for me lately. Freaky, huh?

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