Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What is a Blog, Anyway?

When I decided to start a blog, I really didn't know how to go about it. Just what exactly was a blog?
I knew it had something to do with writing. But just what kind of writing? What did you write about? Did you write about your personal life? Did you write about writing? Should your blog broadcast to the world (the cyber world) everything about you? Your personal thoughts and feelings and fears? Just what exactly were you supposed to write about?
To try and answer this question, I sat down in front of my trusty computer and surfed the net. I took a good, long look at other blogs so I could see for myself, first hand, what blogging was all about. This is what I found.
Blogs are very individual. Each and every blog is different (big surprise, huh?). They're a sort of therapy. They're a reflection of ourselves, our thoughts and our fears.
Some blogs are bitch sessions. Some blogs are about personal things, some are about writing, some are about world issues, some are a combination of all the above. Some advertise upcoming books, upcoming movies, upcoming music. Some critique the afore mentioned things, some are very opinionated, some diss the president....
I've read some pretty silly things as well as some pretty entertaining things. I've read happy thoughts, sad thoughts and plain old stupid thoughts (hence this blog :).
What I decided about blogging is this. Blogging is different for everybody. It's just another way of individualising ourselves in this vast, electronic world.
Oh well, as my mother used to each their own.

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Anthony said...

Hello Carol, Welcome to the world of blogging. And you're right, each blogger is really free to concentrate (or not) on what ever they want to. That makes for a wonderfuly huge selection of different topics and styles but it also brings attention to the fact that blogs in general are a wildly uneven medium. :)

But don't forget about the often overlooked community aspect. You stopped by one of my blogs about Brain Wave Therapy and now I'm here reading and posting on your blog about writing. You'll find that if you become an active commenter on blogs, you'll wind up becoming part of a nice community.

I described how my attitude toward blogging evolved in this post on my garden blog.

Good luck to you.