Monday, August 6, 2007

Samhain Publishing Accepting Submissions

This was posted to my MySpace blog curtesy of Samhain Publishing: OPEN TO SUBMISSIONS! Samhain has now reopened to general submissions with a few stipulations. Please read the guidelines below carefully and submit accordingly. Any deviation from the guidelines will lengthen the time it takes for your work to be given the consideration it deserves. All submissions must be new material to be considered for publication, no reprints. Once you’ve had a new work accepted by Samhain, you are free to submit previously published works to your editor for consideration. Only one manuscript at a time per author please! And, if the manuscript is being offered elsewhere simultaneously, please keep us informed of its status. General Submissions We encourage you to let your muse have its way and to create tales that don’t always adhere to current trends. One never knows what the next “hot genre” will be or when it will start, so write what’s in your soul. These are the books that, whether the story is based on “formula” or is an “original”, when written from the heart will earn you a life-time readership. The preferred word count is 60,000 or longer, but we are quite happy to publish shorter works with word counts of no less than 12,000. Any book that glorifies depraved or illegal acts will not be considered. No pedophilia, bestiality, racial intolerance, rape as titillation, necrophilia – no ick factors, please! At this time Samhain is not accepting any works of poetry, prose or verse. Perhaps in the future. :) Samhain will no longer consider works that have been previously published as the first book by a potential author, please send only new material. For more information on Samhain and how to submit your book, follow the links! Royalty and Contracts How to Submit Consider joining us! Samhain Publishing, Ltd. an author-friendly publishing house whose fundamental belief is that the world is a better place when there are good books to read. Thank you! Christina M. Brashear, Publisher Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

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