Thursday, August 9, 2007

James Purefoy, Hunk

I spent the better part of my morning today looking up information and photos for James Purefoy.
For those of you who don' t know who he is, I'd say he's best known (at least to me) for playing the part of Mark Antony in the HBO series Rome.
The more I searched for information on James, the more interested I became. I found that he played in a lot of films and theatre. More than I knew. He even played Edward Thane/Blackbeard in the 2005 BBC movie Blackbeard: Terror at Sea. I also discovered he's a true romantic. Read the quote from him below and you'll see what I mean...
In the July 4, 2001 Newswatch, Wild West End column:
"There was one woman whom I was absolutely infatuated with, but she had no interest in me. I was very young at the time and thought the way to prove my love was to write a book for her. It ran for pages and pages and I had it bound in leather to give to her. But it still didn't have the desired effect. I can't remember what the book was called or even what it was about. It doesn't matter now."
Be still my heart.
Poor baby. You can write a book for me anytime. You don't even have to get it bound. Hell, you can even use a piece of toilet paper, the back of a candy wrapper...I'm not picky.
Seriously, though. The first time I noticed James was in HBO's Rome. I'd never seen him in anything before that (or, at least I thought I didn't) until I went to one of his websites and realized he played Sir Thomas Colville The Black Prince of Wales with Heath Ledger in A Knights Tale. At the time, I had noticed James. What woman wouldn't? But he had a small part, and I hadn't seen him in anything else before that.
The reason I got on the James Purefoy kick in the first place is because the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning and turned on the television was his handsome face playing Reese Witherspoons hunky husband, Rawdan Crowley, in the movie Vanity Fair. I couldn't help but think, "God he's hot!" And oh boy, is he.
As soon as I figure out how to post additional pictures to this blog, I will upload more. His websites have tons of them, and I got a few really good ones. In the meantime, take a look at another one of his websites that I happened upon. This one has, IMHO, much better information and photos.
There's also a MySpace page for James, so, if you're into MySpace, pop on over and add him as a friend.


Cindy said...

I couldn't agree with you more....Wouldn't he be perfect for a new James Bond???? Yummy and exiting!!! Wraff, wraff!!

鍾瀚閣 said...

He is a great British actor and I love to see him in good European movies.